I almost totally forgot that my Tumblr existed.

Well, HELLO! I would update on how summer has been so far, but I’m not much of a writer. Nor am I really capable of sitting down and writing something for extended periods of time. But on the bright side, my summer’s been pretty uneventful so far, so I don’t need to write that much.

I’ve fallen into this boring routine. Wake up 5:30 a.m. Shower. Catch the train. Work. Come home. Eat. Bum Around. Sleep. Repeat. Definitely not the ideal summer that I pictured at all. Kinda feel myself losing a social life =/

Mm, there’s more to continue about. But again, can’t sit and write for extended periods of time, aka 5 minutes. And it’s getting close to my self-imposed curfew of 10:30, because I really can’t wake up at 5:30… kbye for now.


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Skins Addiction pt. 2

Finished Series 2 tonight. I have to say, I’m so sad. SPOILER ALERT. They kill off Chris, whatthefuck. Probs my favorite character. The whole gang is completely disbanded. I really hope Sid and Cassie get together in NYC, because I love Cassie, even though Sid is a complete idiot at life. GAH. WHY IS CHRIS DEAD.

Anyways, I’ll probably start Series 3 tomorrow. I’m really scared and nervous. I loved this cast, and I feel so freakin attached to the characters. I don’t want to watch the next generation. But from what I hear, the next generation should be just as good, so I’m kinda excited too =/

Ugh, I’m such a girl./ Such a generically lame start to the summer. But I don’t care, I’m so addicted.

Skins Addiction.

I completely blame Brian Hart for all of this, and partially Daria Gonzalez for talking about this show a lot.

But I’m just straight up addicted. Another 5 hours of my life are gone to watching the dysfunctional, fucked up lives of British teenagers. Yet, I’m so attracted and attached to some of the characters. I don’t even know why. Honestly, there’s nothing about them that I should be in awe about. But i guess it’s just a mixture of their personalities and the fucking drama that keeps me so intrigued =_= i feel like a 7 yr. old girl for saying that.

I’m almost done with Series 2. I’m kinda nervous for the cast change for Series 3 because I’m so attached to the characters already, mainly Cassie and Chris. Don’t know why..they’re just interesting people.

So this is summer in Jersey? sigh.

TV Addict

It’s getting really unhealthy. Officially just added Skins (British Version) to my ridiculously long list of shows to keep up on. Just to prove how unhealthy my TV addiction is:

  1. How I Met Your Mother
  2. Modern Family
  3. Chuck (LAST SEASON THIS FALL =[…)
  4. Skins (British Version)
  5. Community
  6. Outsourced (might be canceled..)
  7. United States of Tara
  8. Dexter
  9. The Event (but probably will be canceled..)
  10. Big Brother
  11. The Walking Dead
  12. The Sing Off (returning again in the fall!)
  13. …Wizards of Waverly Place


Freshman Year

Goodbye Brittany Hall. Goodbye NYU. Goodbye freshman year. Thanks for some of the best memories of my life.

  • Moving In
  • New Roommates
  • Floormates - Friend Patrol
  • Wandering the city
  • First day of classes
  • Calc I Awk Intros
  • Columbia
  • Football Sundays w/ Chux in JC
  • Far East Movement Concert
  • Ice Skating Central Park
  • Halloween!
  • Harry Potter, 3 am, IMAX
  • Floor Assassins
  • Washington Square Park Christmas Tree
  • Rockefeller Tree
  • Winter Break!
  • Spring Classes
  • Rush
  • Bid
  • Pledge
  • Stress, stress, stress
  • Central Park Relaxation
  • Cross
  • Brotherhood
  • Times Square
  • Complete Freshman 15 =[
  • Afternoons in the Park
  • Street Performances
  • "Study" Sessions
  • Finals Season
  • Moving Out

Hah, there’s so much more that I know I’m forgetting. But, SUMMERTIME. THREE MORE YEARS!

I dig.

Finals Season

Two days of nonstop work (jk, mad distractions), and I’m finally done with just my rough draft of BIP. Grawr, hate final essays.

But this only means that finals season is coming up! YAYAYYAYAY! While so many of my friends are already done, and relaxing back in cozy little South Brunswick, I still must endure one and a half more weeks of school. I’m ready for freshman year to end, not to say that it wasn’t fun. But back up for a second. I kinda still don’t understand how NYU can start spring semester the same day as Rutgers, have spring break at the same time as Rutgers, and yet still end over a week later o.O sigh, NYU making life more difficult as always.

Finals Checklist

  • BIP Essay (Due Today)
  • FA Final (May 16th)
  • Texts and Ideas Final (May 17th)
  • Linear Algebra Final (DONE!)

Can’t wait for summer to start…

My inner filipino emerges.

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yesssss <3